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Welcome to Forsyth, Magnolia’s Med Spa

Welcome to Forsyth, Magnolia’s Med Spa

Do you ever walk into a new business, meet the people there, and make an instant connection? And then, also, realize that this is a place where you can feel comfortable and be taken care of?


It has happened to me on a few occasions, and it’s like making a new best friend instantly. It’s even better when the establishment is female owned, for me, at least. This is what happened when I met the ladies of Magnolia’s Atlanta Medical Spa in Forsyth.


I had already connected with them over social media, and was familiar with the space they would be moving into in Forsyth. Right on the Square, super cute, with loads of potential- and HUGE! I wondered what they would do with all of that space?!


When you meet this amazing team, you realize they’ve got big plans for that space. Not just offering amazing services, but also doing it in a classy, elegant, but relaxed atmosphere where everyone can feel welcome. Check out the short tour I did over Facebook live:




And then I got to do the Dermaplaning!! It’s amazing what a difference it made, it was all I could do to not touch my face all day long- I felt amazing:




I also did their Foot Detox. Now I’ll admit, I questioned if it was the real thing. But as with my facial, I felt amazing afterwards! And it actually worked:




According to the chart, this pulled out some cellular debris as well as toxins from my joints- which makes sense because of all the working out I’ve been doing!


I’ll be heading up there for more of their services very soon, and doing more videos. Tell me what you want to see next!


Love to all y’all,



Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly McWilliams Wilkins is a Southern culture commentator, web producer, and social media marketing maven. She is also a freelance writer who has worked with a variety of publications and online magazines including Bourbon & Boots, Paste Magazine, Macon Magazine, the 11th Hour, Macon Food & Culture Magazine, and as the Digital Content Editor for The Southern Weekend. Mommy first, fashionista, social media maven, writer, artist, dreamer and poet. Hangs on to her Oxford Commas by force. Addicted to shoes and purses- and lots of coffee. Coffee coffee coffee.

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