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Making Jewelry Your Whole Outfit- Savannah Fashion Week

    One of the last designers at Savannah Fashion Week was Zia Sachedina, of Zia’s Boutique. I was able to go in Zia’s on the first day of Savannah Fashion Week and was of course, immediately blown away by

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The Day I Was Preparing For: Savannah Fashion Week

Yes, I’m still talking about Savannah Fashion Week- there was so much going on! But the biggest thing I was preparing for was on Thursday night, and since I’m in Savannah for the day (having a meeting at SCAD) it’s

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I’m Tired Of This {Fashion} “Ish”

Know what I’m tired of in fashion? Aside from those damn bubble necklaces that continue to haunt me? I’m tired of the junk.   I’m tired of clothing and jewelry that isn’t well constructed, that doesn’t seem to have real

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Girl Meets City: Savannah Fashion Week Overview Afterwards

I still need to write blog posts regarding SFW Days 3, 4, and 5. And, sadly, I cannot make today’s events (yes! there is still more!) BUT I had to go ahead and write an overall post about my overall

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#SFW2014 Savannah Fashion Week: Interview with April Johnston

I totally geeked out when I saw this email appear in my inbox, that April Johnston- who was on Project Runway AND when it was still good- granted my interview request. Faint. Squeal. Get composed- even if it is just

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Making The Big Screen Even {More} Fashionable #SFW2014

So, it’s the day before the big event of Savannah Fashion Week. There have been trunk shows all week with all kinds of fun things to see and do, but what else could get you geared up for the big

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#SFW2014 Savannah Fashion Week: Interview with Nicole Edge

I really like the idea of custom made clothing, but sometimes it’s hard to find a tailor- or someone who is willing to go with your vision. That’s why I’ve asked our previous designers if they would be willing to

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Savannah Fashion Week: Day Two- Custard, Foxy Loxy and More

This day almost didn’t happen. With the crazy weather I had already made the decision to keep my kids home from school- just in case. Even if I came back to Savannah, as I did, I didn’t want my parents

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Girl Meets City: Savannah Fashion Week

I love discovering new parts of places I have been before. So- pair that with supporting local businesses, fashion, and food? Done! I drove the three and a half hours last night to the city of Savannah for the kick

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#SFW2014 Savannah Fashion Week: Interview With Catherine Fain of Ramey Rhodes

One of the fun parts of any fashion week is when you get to discover a new designer. Catherine Fain of Ramey Rhodes is one that I am very excited about. Her style is one of a modern, easy glamour-

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