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Just Tickled Pink Over Cherry Blossom

I am genuinely excited about the Cherry Blossom Festival this year.   For those of who you didn’t know, once upon a time I was in the Cherry Blossom pageant. Oh yeah. Of course, back then my mother was so

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A Moonhanger Kind of Day: H&H, El Camino, and Dovetail Part 2

Part 2 of my Moonhanger Day would include stopping into the brand new restaurant El Camino.   I typically don’t go into a new business unless a few things are present: if it’s a large chain (i.e.- SkyZone- review still

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A New Classic: Roasted Cafe At Night

One of my very favorite places, Roasted Cafe & Lounge, has decided to launch a dinner menu.   This makes me excited for so many reasons. I used to hang out at Roasted in the evenings a few years ago,

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A Guide for How To Use The Coleman Hill Slide

One of the posts that I’ve written that consistently gets re-read is the one where I talked about the Coleman Hill slide.   This one.   So I thought I would revisit this topic with some key tips.   1-

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Day Three of Wearing the Same Dress Every Day This Week

In case some of y’all missed it… I’m wearing the same dress every day this week.   61% of low income families do not have a single book suitable for a child   It’s to highlight how limited resources impact

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Chicken Crepes & Sloppy Joes & Power Quinoa: A Week of Macon Lunch Favorites

I really am trying to get better about going to different places for my lunches, especially now that my work schedule is all topsy turvey and all over the place. But there are some places that I know I can

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A Very Macon Music Night – Macon Pops

If you were not at Macon Pops this past weekend- you missed out. Hell I was there for just under two hours of it and *I* missed out. I missed seeing the Otis Redding Foundation kids. But I did get

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When are you going to believe me? – Macon Pops

I tell y’all each time that Macon Pops is an event not to be missed. I wonder if y’all believe me? Because yes the tables are always sold out- I can count on those folks. It’s the balcony seats we

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A Gastro Pub + Ambiance + Really Good & Innovative Menus Items = The New Bearfoot Tavern

I usually like to give new places a chance to calm down before I rush their newly opening doors.   I purposely did not go to the soft opening of the new Bearfoot because I saw a LOT of people

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Tour of Macon Churches: Some Important Notes

There are some things I’m realizing while doing this tour of churches, the main one is so simple I honestly feel kind of silly for having started this project to begin with without realizing it.   Much of the heart

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