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Just Tickled Pink Over Cherry Blossom

I am genuinely excited about the Cherry Blossom Festival this year.   For those of who you didn’t know, once upon a time I was in the Cherry Blossom pageant. Oh yeah. Of course, back then my mother was so

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Especially Proud of Macon, Georgia Tonight

We might be finally getting it guys.   We have talked so much about Macon’s past and have crept slowly towards it’s future… but I think we’re finally getting there.   Saturday night I attended a sold out show at

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Southern Style: Southern Sugaring of Savannah

I always love to see Southern women succeeding in business. I first ran across Jessica Mock and her Southern Sugaring business when a mutual contact, photographer Izzy Hudgins, posted a photoshoot they did together. Of course the photos were impeccable,

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This New Year’s Southern Belle Resolution: Amy Schumer Style

You know who I think is awesome? Amy Schumer. That girl cracks me up. It also occurs to me, I’m a lot like her. You would never know it unless you know me rather well. But I have this dark

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Tour of Macon Churches: Take 2

My second round of church tours came about in a rather… unexpected way. This past Friday a group of us were concerned about an act of vandalism against the local Islamic mosque. (Mosque? Temple? I’m honestly unclear as to which

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Shop Happy Hump Day on Instagram

Every Wednesday is #ShopHappyHumpDay on Instagram! Fall fashion is in full swing so make sure to follow along @SouthernBonVivant Here are some of our previous favorites:   If you are a boutique and you want to be featured email us at

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Love a Good Multitasker? Check This Out!

Are you a fan of multitasking? I am. As a self-employed mom of two kids under 5, I love being able to get more than one thing checked off my ever-growing to-do list at a time. The same goes for

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“It’s a funny thing about coming home….” pt 1

I know that when I write posts here, most people expect them to be sports related, and that makes sense. But last week, I was home for vacation and it was honestly one of the best vacations I ever got

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Black Coffee is the Best Coffee

Let’s be honest. Whenever I tell someone I am a professional barista, I feel pretentious.  Maybe that is really just some sort of weird, misplaced, psychological guilt for me, because  I am, at my heart, a coffee snob.  I am

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Mama’s Kitchen: Big BBQ Flavor in a Small Town

Well worth the 45 minute drive to the outskirts of Barnesville, on a small hill next to a Flash Foods and a run-down strip mall, is an unassuming trailer that disguises the magic happening inside. Mama’s Kitchen, owned by Thomas

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