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A GREAT concert: Back City Woods, Packway Handle, & The Law Band

How do you know that you are at a good concert? The music flows, you happily listen, bobbing your head in approval of a night well spent. But a GREAT concert? You can barely contain your excitement and find your

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Back City Woods are back in town!

Back City Woods is a band that I have had the pleasure of seeing grow and expand throughout the years. Combining bluegrass with can’t-sit-still, rollicking rock elements, they are definitely a Macon favorite and certainly one of my personal favorites.

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I Think I’ve Lost My Mind: Bragg Jam 2013

UPDATE 2:15 pm: How could I forget to mention Arts @ The Park? It’s going on until 4 pm if you want to catch it, there was a good size crowd- just enough to be fun but not overwhelming. The

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