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The Sweetest Cream & Cookies & Sweet Chicks AND MORE!

The Sweetest Cream & Cookies & Sweet Chicks AND MORE!

This past weekend I got to visit the sweetest culmination of a dream ever- and I do mean this literally, as opposed to figuratively.







Sweet Chicks Bakeshop and Scoops opened up this weekend and it certainly did not disappoint! I literally got some of everything. A brownie, an ice cream sandwich, some Tree House Macarons, Nummy Buns, Tasty Prayer cookies… chalk it up to a victorious weekend for the fat kid inside us all.



Our @MollyMWilkins grabbed one of everything this weekend at @sweetchicksmacon!!!

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Their shop isn’t far from everything at all. They’re located in the Farmer’s Market on Eisenhower, so approximately 5 minutes from downtown and an easy 10 from most of North Macon.


I’m IN LOVE with @sweetchicksmacon!!!

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My new favorite- because I already loved Tree House Macarons and Nummy Buns- would be the ice cream sandwich. I got the strawberry ice cream with Tasty Prayer cookies and rolled in graham cracker bits. Mom got the chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream one- and she was gracious enough to let me taste.


The strawberry ice cream was simply divine with the cookies- and I’m loving the chocolate chip cookies because they’ve got just the slightest hint of a salty flavor in them which makes everything about it better. It’s more than just your average cookie shop!



Be sure to check them out- they’re open Wednesday through Friday 9 am til 4 pm, and Saturday 9 am til 2 pm.


Love to all y’all,




Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly McWilliams Wilkins is a Southern culture commentator, web producer, and social media marketing maven. She is also a freelance writer who has worked with a variety of publications and online magazines including Bourbon & Boots, Paste Magazine, Macon Magazine, the 11th Hour, Macon Food & Culture Magazine, and as the Digital Content Editor for The Southern Weekend. Mommy first, fashionista, social media maven, writer, artist, dreamer and poet. Hangs on to her Oxford Commas by force. Addicted to shoes and purses- and lots of coffee. Coffee coffee coffee.

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