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A Series of Mishaps & an Eventual Macon Made Thanksgiving

A Series of Mishaps & an Eventual Macon Made Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving wasn’t supposed to be at my house this year.


I assumed my live-in-boyfriend would be going to Chicago to see family this year, as he did last year (right before we started dating), and Thanksgiving at my parents was never terribly big- the BIG Thanksgiving was always in Alabama. A very memorable event ever since the first one we drove to to see cousins- cousins I had never met but would be forever etched in my memory as someone was very stupid in scheduling the Iron Bowl that very day. A day in which people are already predisposed to argue as it is, an event that families are already split over anyway. And in my family, it was a day in which the Auburn and Alabama fans were all forced into one home together over turkey, dressing, bourbon, and at least one cousin who was dangerously close to falling back off of the wagon and who knows how many came with firearms.


So Thanksgiving has never been a big THING that we plan for.


But this year, my boyfriend insisted that he wanted to stay here. And do it at our house.


“It’s on YOU, buddy!” I said as I reminded him that I would also have to work a shift at work that day. and therefore literally could not help him.


No problem-o, he said.


The weekend before, he reminded me that he really should go ahead and paint the living room, and that he could get it done in the weekend before Thanksgiving.


No problem-o, I said. Got the special primer, because there was this ugly Laura Ashley-esque printed wallpaper in there. Got the paint- two kinds, because I wanted a darker color on the bottom with a fake chair rail painted across. The dining room was next to the room, which had previously been my son’s room (we moved his room to be elsewhere), and it was painted this glorious Blue Peacock Sherwin Williams color with white wainscoting. Later, there will be these standout curtains as well. I wanted something subtle, but the two colors would still be super chic next to it.



The painting didn’t get done in the weekend.


Tuesday rolled around, and we still weren’t done. Crap.


My type A planning side came out and I started making lists and schedules and said ok, here’s the menu. I booked a Granny’s Sweet Treats Banana Pudding Cake & Mama Honey’s Smoked Turkey. Found out what my parents were bringing: another turkey & my great-great grandmother’s dressing. Add peas, green bean casserole. Ok good.



Then on Tuesday realize… need more color on the table. With the food. Add fruit, roasted veggies. Realize Memaw is bringing pecan pie.


Find out my brother and his wife are going to Atlanta to see friends. My Minge (the funny name I came up with at age 1 for my father’s mother- long story there) can’t make it for health reasons, and my Aunt Gratia will be with her- as will my Uncle Joseph.


Invite some friends because why not? We’ve got plenty of food and plenty of room.


This particular #Thanksgiving shot features the amazing @mama.honeys smoked turkey, my special deviled eggs, my @gaartisan table, a painting by my grandmother that my former sister-in-law BEAUTIFULLY framed for me (go and follow @zaudkesculpture for her amazing artwork), & my freshly painted living/guest room thanks to @nathancorbitt – decorated with a Penley print, a @pricsillaesser painting from @travisjean, & the Julia Sugarbaker painting I got from the @sochigallery . . . . . . #MaconMade #SouthernArt #homedecor #fashionblogger #travelblogger #travelwell #kidstravel #foodblogger #styleblogger #FlashesofDelight #LiveColorfully #chasinglight #BloggerVibes #PursuePretty #ThatsDarling #theSouth #SouthernLiving #DeepSouth #SouthernCharm #style #styleoftheday #styleinspiration #thisis35 #Atlanta #macon #southerntravel

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Wednesday- room still being painted. Prep all the food after work. Panic and get more desserts while in Milledgeville that day.


GET FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP. Room finished painting that night… just as I finish prepping the food. Go to work. Luckily allowed to leave early.



Get home to run the schedule that I didn’t trust anyone else to run, that I hadn’t planned to do to begin with.


But- I’m super glad we did it. It was awesome to host everyone that evening. At our table that was made in Macon. With turkey that was made by friends. With an amazing Banana Pudding Cake made by friends. Surrounded by even more friends and family.



Got kiddos in bed once everyone was gone and got to cuddle with these sweet, sweet babies:



I’m excited to get plenty of sleep tonight, though!



Hope all y’all had a fantastic Thanksgiving,



Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly McWilliams Wilkins is a Southern culture commentator, web producer, and social media marketing maven. She is also a freelance writer who has worked with a variety of publications and online magazines including Bourbon & Boots, Paste Magazine, Macon Magazine, the 11th Hour, Macon Food & Culture Magazine, and as the Digital Content Editor for The Southern Weekend. Mommy first, fashionista, social media maven, writer, artist, dreamer and poet. Hangs on to her Oxford Commas by force. Addicted to shoes and purses- and lots of coffee. Coffee coffee coffee.

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