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Advertising may be purchased and rates may be reached by contacting Molly Wilkins at Southern Bon Vivant is happy to provides a limited number of sponsorships, please email requests to

Posts and Comments

Each writer on SBV uses their own information and pictures for posts, but occasionally pictures and sources may be pulled online and from other social media sites. We will always do our best to credit sources as we are able to, if you see a work which is not properly credited please email Molly at

If anyone should wish to use an item from this website, please be sure to credit back and link to this website as well. For further questions please email Molly again at

Gifted Items/Courtesy Of/Sponsored Posts

Occasionally, there will be posts of events or items that we have received through sponsorships, gifts or courtesy. Anytime we write about such items or events, these will be items that each us of believes in and would purchase or attend on our own. Never will an item be featured that we would not wear or use ourselves, and never will an event be promoted that we would not attend ourselves. Please keeps in mind we will receive such gifts occasionally in order to bring you, the reader, the best content possible and this allows us to keep writing. But we will always honor our integrity and relationship with you, the reader, first. Promise.

Tone/Sarcasm/Specialty Fonts

We have been working on creating a specialty font to let you know when we are writing tongue-in-cheek, or with sarcasm, or when we are writing with gravitas, however we haven’t had much luck with that. So we reserve the right to sometimes write with differing tones, just as we would do if we were speaking to you in person. We feel strongly this is one of the strengths of this blog is that we write just as if we were talking to you, although on occasion there will be some articles that are more journalistic in tone. We will do our best imply such.


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