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Kandahar Journals – Louie Palu & Macon Film Festival

   The road fills your view. A tarry darkness interrupted by a crisp yellow line, measuring your hurried steps. Panting fills your ears as you and those around you focus on surviving the heat that wants to grind you down

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To Help One of Our Own

Hi all, I’m not 100% sure how to start this post off.  It still feels weird to think and say that Bri is gone. And I’m not sure what else to say.   Earlier today, I found out from Coach

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My New Dating Requirements: Star Wars

I’m learning that I have an odd requirement I need to add to my dating requirements: he must be a Star Wars fan.   Not a super fan who follows all of the fan fiction stuff, although that’s a bonus

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The End of an Era

It’s a fickle thing, the world of sports. And on the morning of November 29, 2015, Georgia fans learned this the hard way; when news broke that Mark Richt had been fired as head coach of the University of Georgia.

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Nothing goes better together than Thanksgiving and football

So today’s intro is written by none other than our resident gators fan, Garret. The Week Where Everything Traditionally Falls Apart:   Guys, it’s going to be a crazy weekend. Happy Thanksgiving! I remember years ago where Colorado stomped on

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Mama Said Knock You Out

Holy Cannoli, was anyone expecting last weekend to be like it was?! I sure wasn’t! Half of the top 10 teams got beat, and that is exactly why I love football, it doesn’t matter where you’re ranked it matters about

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We’re Going to Fight, Fight, Fight!

No, I’m not condoning any type of violence with the title of this post. It just happens to be a line out of my high school’s fight song (I know, I know).  But it goes along with the theme of

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“It’s a funny thing about coming home….” pt 1

I know that when I write posts here, most people expect them to be sports related, and that makes sense. But last week, I was home for vacation and it was honestly one of the best vacations I ever got

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A letter

I have grown up around sports pretty much my entire life, so I have seen it all.  But on my most recent trip home this past December, there were a couple of things that really stuck out to me.  I

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Murphy’s Law: 2014 Florida Gators

(Be warned, this column is a retrospective rant about how bad Florida has been this year. For you Georgia fans, you’ll be happy.) Oh what a year it’s been for the Florida Gators. However, we’ve been witness to Murphy’s Law

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