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Kandahar Journals – Louie Palu & Macon Film Festival

   The road fills your view. A tarry darkness interrupted by a crisp yellow line, measuring your hurried steps. Panting fills your ears as you and those around you focus on surviving the heat that wants to grind you down

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Taste of Athens: Heirloom

By definition, an heirloom is a special possession or piece of personal property passed down from generation to generation; or a horticultural varietal that has survived for several generations due largely to the efforts of  private individuals. The folks behind the

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TofA: Josh Smith, The Man & The Plan

With Toast and Taste of Athens just around the corner, the blogs are all abuzz with hype on the chefs, bartenders, and owners of the establishments we can expect to see at the fest.  But what of the organizers?  What

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Macon Film Festival for the First Time

This weekend, I attended my very first film festival. The hype had been incredible, especially since the president of the Board, Terrell Sandefur, came to my class to promote it. He was looking for student volunteers to act as emcees

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First Time Goer to Macon Film Festival

This past Thursday through Sunday I attended my first ever Macon Film Festival. It was quite the experience to say the least. I volunteered as an MC on Friday where I awkwardly introduced the film Desires of the Heart. The

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Live at the Macon Film Festival

There’s some really amazing stuff happening here y’all. Yesterday I got to see some animated shorts with my daughter, and then a few music videos- got to even talk to the directors of Eve. And I keep seeing them around and

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BREAKING NEWS: Clarification for Macon Pops

Hello folks! I will have more details later, but I was asked to PLEASE let y’all know that a local publication was recently published and distributed to some homes in Macon confusing the next Macon Symphony performance of the Eagles

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Upset Over The Year of Elan? Chill Out- Here’s Why:

I can’t believe people are SO MAD over the live tweets from @TheYearOfElan – this is the guy who live tweeted one woman’s meltdown over her flight being delayed and the encounter between the two of them. Some people are

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Tremont Temple: An Opinion (And Pictures)

*Note: the pictures placed here are the ones not used in my Cluster piece, which you can read and see here:, to scroll through these pictures place your cursor over the right or left hand side of gallery and click

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I Always Learn My Lessons The Hard Way (Or- Dumb Things I Do During Photo Shoots)

It never fails. The moment I don’t put makeup on, or worse yet don’t even have it WITH ME, is when I’m going to have a photo taken. One example would be Election Day- just a few weeks ago here

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