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The Beginning of Waiting

Church at the beginning of the week makes me feel like I’m setting the right pace for my week.   Two Sunday’s ago church service was meant to set us all on pace for the next several weeks   The

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The Weekend I Survived On Nothing But Birthday Party Pizza

As a parent, there are some weekends that are filled with days at home, sweetly teaching children lessons of reading and chores.   Yeah…. it doesn’t really happen at mine either. More often than not, the healthy diet that I

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Huddle Up, Ye Christian Soldiers- Let’s Go To War

I’m really struggling, y’all.   I don’t talk a whole lot about my faith, mostly because I’m always afraid of it coming across as disingenuous. Make no mistake, I pray, and I explore my own faith quite a bit. I

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Just Tickled Pink Over Cherry Blossom

I am genuinely excited about the Cherry Blossom Festival this year.   For those of who you didn’t know, once upon a time I was in the Cherry Blossom pageant. Oh yeah. Of course, back then my mother was so

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Would I Have Marched?

Growing up as just one of many Caucasian little girls in a nearly all-white private school it was easy to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement and automatically assume I would have marched.   It

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Time for Goodbye – Grateful for You

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of my regular Sunday posts.   And this is one I’ve been putting off writing.   It seems like every few years or so, a group of people leave. The last one

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All Those Sparkling Lights (At Christmastime)

I love seeing the twinkling lights of Christmas.   They beam out to be like little shining lights of hope from homes and businesses- showing that people have some kind of sense of hope, of love.   Christmas is a

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Not My South: Being a White, Liberal Female in a Red State

So I guess actually, Georgia is more purple. But we still went for Donald Trump.   I’m trying to tell myself maybe it won’t be so bad.   But then I remember…. I’m white. (Although I claim my Hispanic heritage,

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My Big News: Lots of Changes Coming Up

I ran into someone the other day who asked what my big news was that I had asked prayers for on Facebook.   I honestly couldn’t remember what it was, there’s been a lot going on. Some very dear friends

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Today I Remember, Today I Honor

One really cool thing about living in Macon is that my family has been here forever. Really, forever. Like… 1850’s forever.   And when that happens, people remember your family. There’s all kinds of stories about my grandfather floating around.

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