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John: The Raised Right Troublemaker

    Leading up to my boyfriend’s confirmation service, I was standing in line with him to get some paperwork signed by the Bishop of Atlanta: Rob Wright. I had been telling my boyfriend how much I adored the Bishop,

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A Christmas Love Letter, From my Hometown

“IT’S LIKE A CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND!!!!” I muffled my scream just barely under my breath to my somewhat annoyed boyfriend.   He was annoyed with cause because I had picked a small tiff about trying to find a parking space and

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A Series of Mishaps & an Eventual Macon Made Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving wasn’t supposed to be at my house this year.   I assumed my live-in-boyfriend would be going to Chicago to see family this year, as he did last year (right before we started dating), and Thanksgiving at my parents

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Speed Limit: 35

Looking through my Facebook memories of my birthday, I found a status that lamented leaving my 20’s soon and heading into my 30’s.   One comment on that was from Carey Pickard who said “your 30’s are way better than

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Macon’s Thriller Parade Postponed One Year: Promises to Grow Bigger & Better!

The Thriller Parade in downtown Macon is always loads of fun, not just for the spectators- but also those who participate!   However, this year’s event has been placed on hold with the promise it will grow bigger and better

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Spreading Some Southern Small Biz Love: Georgia Edition

My friend, and once SBV contributor, Rachel Wilson posted something interesting on her Facebook the other day: “According to a recent FEMA report, 40 percent of small business will never reopen following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Being closed for almost

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Welcome to Forsyth, Magnolia’s Med Spa

Do you ever walk into a new business, meet the people there, and make an instant connection? And then, also, realize that this is a place where you can feel comfortable and be taken care of?   It has happened

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An Ingleside Kind of Day

It’s a beautiful day! Fall is feeling just around the corner, Georgia has a bye week, brunch mimosas and a festival- or two- are calling my name.   They should be calling yours, too!   Brunch will start at The

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Get Out the Brooms

And knock down the cobwebs and pick up the dust. It’s been a hot minute┬ásince I’ve written here. I’m pretty sure there’s a couple of light bulbs that need changing too. ­čÖé And after we (and by that I mean

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Are You a Cavalier?

High school football in the South always carries a certain kind of reverence.     But it’s different when your kid is involved.     Of course, mine aren’t old enough for high school sports. But we got a little

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