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In Absence of Talking

There was a time when I was writing here multiple times per day, and y’all actually kept up with what I had to say!   Not only that, but you still read even my older posts- I can see the

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One Lazy Bragg Jammer

So look, my Bragg Jam prep has been super lazy this year especially compared to years past. I haven’t even bought my ticket yet. If you haven’t done much research yet, then I encourage you to listen to their Spotify

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Candytopia- Is It Worth It?

I posted a photo of my family and I outside of Candytopia, and one more of us from inside, and instantly got the question:   “Is it worth the ticket price?”   So, yes the tickets are kind of pricey

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The Magical Growing Eggplant

Growing up, we did not grow a lot of vegetables as a family.   I vaguely remember something about occasionally half-heartedly trying to grow banana peppers and maybe tomatoes one summer as a child, but they didn’t really take off

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Ending the Lenten Wait; Bringing Alleluia Back

A couple of years ago I wrote about how some cannot bring Alleluia back after it’s Lenten absence.   Lent teaches us the meaning of patience, of waiting. It’s something that I’ve never learned very well.   But this Lenten

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This Small Town Boasts Loads of St. Patrick’s Day Fun

(featured image is from the Visit Dublin Georgia Facebook page)   I am not one for very large crowds or out of control celebrations, truly. So while one coastal Georgia town may brag about their St. Patrick’s Day festivities, please

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The Tide Is Turning

This is a guest piece from our friend John David Bray of Landford Thompson Furniture and Interiors, please visit their website and Facebook  to see some of their amazing work! The featured photo is a home in Ball Ground that

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Ways to Help

There’s a bunch of people out there asking how can they help those hit by Hurricane Matthew, in South Georgia as well as the Panhandle of Florida.   There’s several folks who are organizing relief efforts, and I’ll list them

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The Happiest of Birthdays: Congrats to Mint & Magnolia’s!

Being a small business owner is extremely hard. There’s always some business license, or regulation thing that pops up that you didn’t know you needed because someone forgot to tell you. There’s always the issue of cash flow and payroll

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Honor the Love and Light

I am… thinking a lot as of late. I keep feeling a push to do something, anything more.   There have been, now, two artist friends that I greatly admired and respected who are… not of this earth anymore. Their

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