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Other Peoples Hearts: Chapter 2- The Other Sister & Civil War Memories

Everyone loved the baby of the family, Katie, but perhaps no one more than oldest brother, Sid, and sister, Vallie.   Vallie wasn’t the closest in age to Katie, but when their parents died, Vallie was the one who looked

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Lost Southern History: The Pink Chapel of St. Simons Island

This structure is long shrouded in the mysterious lore of St. Simons Island.   Some natives say it was the source of devil worship, and that its pink color came from the blood of slaves whipped into submission.   The

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Revolutionary Evangelist Comes to Macon, Georgia

As an Episcopalian, there’s much about evangelism that I don’t understand. To me, religion is somewhat easy.   God is love.   These days, I’m also realizing that I’ve done a poor job of keeping up with friends who feel

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Why I Will Cry if Georgia Wins

We’re living in a time when rude behavior is often times justified, even celebrated.   But also in this world, there are people like Jake Fromm. An 18 year old kid who made his college football debut when Eason went

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One Year Away from a Decade: Happy 9th Birthday

I cannot believe my sweet B is 9 today.     This was the year he got on a plane for the first time. Started his own business with his sister. Joined Boy Scouts. Started going to a new school.

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Our Top 5 Favorite NYE Ball Drops Around the South

New Year’s Eve is a night of celebrations and fun… but sometimes the ball drops themselves are more entertaining than anything else! Here’s OUR Top 5 Favorites from around the South:   5- The Nut Drop in Dothan, Alabama I

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Other People’s Hearts: Chapter 1- Murder in Jones County

“I was leaning over near the bed, looking for something I was after for my small children, and I felt somebody push me near the bed, and I screamed for Wilburn, knowing he was in the front room of my

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John: The Raised Right Troublemaker

    Leading up to my boyfriend’s confirmation service, I was standing in line with him to get some paperwork signed by the Bishop of Atlanta: Rob Wright. I had been telling my boyfriend how much I adored the Bishop,

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A Christmas Love Letter, From my Hometown

“IT’S LIKE A CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND!!!!” I muffled my scream just barely under my breath to my somewhat annoyed boyfriend.   He was annoyed with cause because I had picked a small tiff about trying to find a parking space and

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A Series of Mishaps & an Eventual Macon Made Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving wasn’t supposed to be at my house this year.   I assumed my live-in-boyfriend would be going to Chicago to see family this year, as he did last year (right before we started dating), and Thanksgiving at my parents

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