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Meet The Olsons: Bragg Jam 2017

    A little over two years ago, I would walk the hallways of Mount de Sales Academy and repulsively trek past the science department, because chemistry is certainly not my forte. Because of my distaste for chemistry, I rarely

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Meet *repeat repeat: Bragg Jam 2017

Picture this: a college student with cracked earphones desolate from exchanging goodbyes in a crowded airport. When I ran out of every sentimental song my Spotify playlists had to offer, I needed new fuel to recoup. At the same time, Molly was emailing

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Day Two of the Macon Film Festival

The thing about the Macon Film Festival is I’m always super bummed that I didn’t just take the days off from work so I can go to each film I want to see at my leisure and not have to

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A Giant Comes to Bragg Jam

Leading up to Savannah Stopover I wrote a little piece for hissing lawns about the bands I wanted to go and see for my first Stopover.   After that piece, a local band called Lulu the Giant commented saying I

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Dedicated to the Ones I Love

One of my favorite songs is the Mama’s and the Papa’s “Dedicated to the One I Love”:   “Each night before you go to bed my baby Whisper a little prayer for me my baby And tell all the stars

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What To Do About Confederate Monuments? Don’t Move Them, Improve Them

UPDATE:   After the events in Charlottesville, I’m uneasy about this post.   There’s now discussion that the monuments in Macon might come down, and honestly… I don’t feel like I could argue too much against it. Yes, I stand

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Missing Alleluia

Alleluia.   From Wikipedia: “The Hebrew word Halleluya as an expression of praise to God was preserved, untranslated, by the Early Christians as a superlative expression of thanksgiving, joy, and triumph. Thus it appears in the ancient Greek Liturgy of St. James, which is still used to

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The Beginning of Waiting

Church at the beginning of the week makes me feel like I’m setting the right pace for my week.   Two Sunday’s ago church service was meant to set us all on pace for the next several weeks   The

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The Weekend I Survived On Nothing But Birthday Party Pizza

As a parent, there are some weekends that are filled with days at home, sweetly teaching children lessons of reading and chores.   Yeah…. it doesn’t really happen at mine either. More often than not, the healthy diet that I

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Huddle Up, Ye Christian Soldiers- Let’s Go To War

I’m really struggling, y’all.   I don’t talk a whole lot about my faith, mostly because I’m always afraid of it coming across as disingenuous. Make no mistake, I pray, and I explore my own faith quite a bit. I

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