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Girl Meets City

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Girl Meets City: Augusta

  I had been trying to get to Augusta it felt like forever when I was accepted into the Georgia Forward Young Gamechanger’s program.   My friend Lisa Bryant first saw the Girl Meets City posts rather early on and

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A Whole Week of Fun in Birmingham!

We are big fans of Birmingham, Alabama over here! It’s an amazing city with tons to do, eat, and see. But over this next week in April they’ve got a ton going on. Everything from the Magnolia Festival to a

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Double Decker Bus Festival Fun in the South

It all started with a double-decker bus, imported in 1994 from England.   Fast forward to April 28th and 29th to the 22nd annual Double Decker Festival in Oxford- but not England. Oxford, Mississippi.     Don’t forget the 2017

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Girl Meets City: New Orleans

When planning a last-minute, inexpensive, get away- do you immediately think of New Orleans? Maybe not, but that’s exactly what we found. A plane ticket for well under $200, an Airbnb spot for around $30/night, and lots of places to

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Girl Meets Festival: Savannah Stopover

It’s appropriate that my first Girl Meets Festival take place in Savannah.   Why? Because the very first Girl Meets City piece happened in Savannah as well!   I’ve been meaning to attend this particular music festival for years now,

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Girl Meets City: Americus and Sumter County

I’ve never been so excited about a Girl Meets City post that I’ve sat down and started to write it less than 24 hours after completing it.   Most of my trips happen due to a family connection or a

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Girl Meets City: Montreal, Canada

So, now that I’ve gotten over the shock & awe of the election I thought it might be timely to go ahead and write-up my Girl Meets City: Montreal…. just in case some of y’all are serious about that move

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Girl Meets City: Little Rock

What happens when you’re friend (possibly someone you’re sort of kind of dating at that moment) is moving to Arkansas and has a hiccup in the moving process and you’re a WAY TOO NICE person and volunteer to help?  

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Girl Meets City: Asheville

Almost exactly a year ago, a few of my friends moved away from me. *insert all the sad emojis*   But I finally got on the road recently to go and visit one of them!   I call Melanie “My

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Girl Meets Outdoors: The Ocmulgee River

Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason.   We may not always know for what reason, but occasionally we get to find out.   A certain outdoorsy person has wandered into my life as of late, and I’ve

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