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In Defense of Blueberry Trees

I love my blueberry trees. So far, just a short time into the blueberry picking season, I’ve already likely saved myself about $20 at the store just by picking my own blueberries.     View this post on Instagram  

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Need a Great Salad In Your Life? READ THIS!

I sincerely don’t know why I struggle so hard with eating salads consistently. Perhaps it’s because I’m always on the go and for my full-time job I work for a restaurant chain- and it’s too tempting to eat other items

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Which New Ingleside Business Serves Coffee and Macarons and More? It’s Chefspring!

The folks in Macon, Georgia love their independent businesses.   We especially love to eat! And drink and be merry and all of those fun things. So it was SO exciting to hear that Chefspring opened over the weekend in

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Learn How to be The Baddest Bartender

…. well, the most bad ass bartender that WE know. Our own former Cocktail & Managing Editor Ryan Smith. While he’s moved on from writing for us, he’s definitely still super busy in the world.     You might also

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What To Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers?

We’re going on three days of Thanksgiving leftovers in my house, which means my kids will balk if I tell them leftovers again. What to do?   Well, it’s time to get creative! First up, pea fritters. We had peas

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My Perfect, Easy, Light & Fluffy Biscuits!

One of my favorite writers, Amanda Mull, recently wrote for The Atlantic about Southern biscuits and how they are practically impossible to make north of Virginia.   She explains that this is largely due to the type of flour used

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Take a Trip for Fresh Farmer’s Food: William L. Brown Market

Every now and then I get to check out something that’s both really cool and new to me. Several weeks back I got an email from a PR firm asking if I would check out a farmers market in Columbus.

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Have a Sweet Time with Decadent Treats (In Macon AND Warner Robins!)

    Y’all. I had a difficult time the other night, a real, true, crisis moment.   I couldn’t decide which dessert I wanted.   Did I want the cookie skillets, with homemade gelato on top?   Or did I

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Who’s Got the Best Burger?

It’s a debate as old as time- well, maybe not quite THAT old, but it does seem we debate this one often.   Who’s got the best burger in town?! Well, in Macon, Georgia- perhaps this debate will come closer

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Exciting News for a Macon Favorite!

Breaking on Facebook today, we have learned that one of our favorite spots will be expanding!   Grow Restaurant will be expanding their offerings according to their owner:     So, happy FIVE YEARS to Grow- and congrats on the

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