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Macon-Based Brewery Receives Top Honors

  It’s time to celebrate at Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen in Macon, Georgia! They were just named Georgia’s  “Best New Brewer” for 2017 in’s Annual RateBeer Best Awards.   From a release: “The RateBeer Best Awards reflect the results

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Throw Everything In a Pot Days: Corn, Black Eyed Peas, and more

Food waste is something that drives me absolutely insane.   One of my resolutions for the year is to get better about not doing that. I’m horrible – HORRIBLE- about buying groceries for a recipe and then letting the rest

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7 Savannah Favorites on OpenTable

OpenTable is my absolute favorite app for booking restaurant reservations. They allow you to easily book through their app and collect points to be redeemed for gift certificates later on.     Aside from that, I love their very handy

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A Raisin Bread Patty Melt Is Good (Yes, You Read That Right)

When the WaHo people tell you something is good… even if it sounds funky… you just need to trust them.   Case in point: a Patty Melt on Raisin Bread. I thought it sounded super strange. Until I tried it.

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A Marmalade Adventure with Saralyn: Bourbon Kumquat Marmalade

When my grandmother brought kumquats over to my house from her backyard, I honestly wasn’t familiar with them. I assumed I would need to peel them and eat them like little itty bitty oranges.   Of course, she corrected me

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Many Reasons to Head to Athens in 2018

Not like anyone NEEDS a reason to go to Athens, there’s plenty all of the time. The food. The shopping. The Rose Bowl (and hopefully more!) champions…. lots of local arts and crafts. And…. really good drinks. Beer, coffee, wine-

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Easy Angel Gingerbread from My Great-Grandmother’s Kitchen

I grew up eating gingerbread sprinkled with just a light dusting of powdered sugar. So the other day when my boyfriend, Nathan, said it just didn’t feel like Christmas because he hadn’t had gingerbread I called my mom to ask

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Loads of Charm in this New Downtown Macon Restaurant

Good food, good coffee, and lovely decor that transports you to somewhere other than just here….   No, that’s not quite right.   Excellent handmade pastas, amazing coffee, and the feeling of being in a large metro area….   That’s

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Back to an Old Favorite: The Back Burner

The Back Burner has always been one of those places I love to go for a special night, or a fancy lunch, or luncheons and more.   But what I really love about it is the simple elegance that Chef

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Spreading Some Southern Small Biz Love: Georgia Edition

My friend, and once SBV contributor, Rachel Wilson posted something interesting on her Facebook the other day: “According to a recent FEMA report, 40 percent of small business will never reopen following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Being closed for almost

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