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Grit Fritters + BBQ = A Winning Combination!

I’m really funny about my grit fritters.   They’ve got to be just the right amount of creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside.   It’s a seemingly simple dish that’s SO EASY to screw up.   Thankfully,

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The Sweetest Cream & Cookies & Sweet Chicks AND MORE!

This past weekend I got to visit the sweetest culmination of a dream ever- and I do mean this literally, as opposed to figuratively.         Sweet Chicks Bakeshop and Scoops opened up this weekend and it certainly

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Losing a Restaurant Legend

Today is the last day one of my favorites will be open.   Harpin’s has always been my go-to place when my mom and I catch lunch.   They’ve got my favorite cake. They’ve got my favorite Quiche. I love

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Southern DIY: Container Gardening 101

I remember being a small child and growing banana peppers and tomatoes.   I was not a fan of them. Growing them was ok, but I really had zero interest in eating them.   Not helping was my grandfather poking

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Beloved Downtown Macon Bakery Stays Open

Custom cake and cupcake orders are still available. Retail storefront for walk in business temporarily closed.  Confusion has abounded in Macon after a local newspaper article reported Amanda’s Cakery would be shutting down their storefront- saying “Macon is about to lose

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Macon, Georgia Favorite Wins Best Beverage at Flavor of Georgia

Events like the 2017 Flavor of Georgia competition help entrepreneurs spread the word about their products. Participants have even been able to end up in regional and national grocery stores like Whole Foods, Ingles, Fresh Market, Earth Fare, Kroger and

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Restaurants I (Macon) Miss(es)

I talk a lot about places that I’m going to and places that are open- but once a place closes, then what?   There’s one in particular that prompted me to write this, it was quickly becoming “my place”. A

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The Best Crab Cakes (And More) In Macon

I don’t live in what’s known as a seafood town, it’s just what happens when you don’t live on the coast.   But I had some of the best crab cakes I’ve had in a long time the other night,

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The Deliciousness at La Delicia Grill

Let me jump ahead and say I let a co-worker who is from El Salvador sample this food…. so I feel I can safely say this is authentic Salvadorian & Mexican food (after all- I’ve never been to El Salvador).

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TIBT: What in the world is Falernum?

It goes without saying that my reliability when it comes to this blog is significantly lacking, but I said it anyway, just so you all know I have NO difficulty admitting my own failures. On the bright side, in my

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