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Back to an Old Favorite: The Back Burner

The Back Burner has always been one of those places I love to go for a special night, or a fancy lunch, or luncheons and more.   But what I really love about it is the simple elegance that Chef

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Spreading Some Southern Small Biz Love: Georgia Edition

My friend, and once SBV contributor, Rachel Wilson posted something interesting on her Facebook the other day: “According to a recent FEMA report, 40 percent of small business will never reopen following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Being closed for almost

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Grits, Wine, & Swine- A Forsyth Event Not to be Missed!

Every now and then something pops up in my social media feed and I go- Oh. My God. That sounds AMAZING! I need to know more!   Luckily, in this instance, Chef Jamie Waters was gracious enough to answer my

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More Buns, Hun! For Your Cheeseburgers

We love our burgers in the South, so why not celebrate National Cheeseburger Day? Especially when so many places are giving us such great options….   It’s #NationalCheeseburgerDay & you know we’re celebrating with a mouth-watering burger from @rookerymacon. 😋🍔

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Bring the Eclipse Donuts Back!

So look- I know that the eclipse doughnuts at Krispy Kreme were this special one-time-only type of deal because of the eclipse…. but I really wish they would offer them more.   You see, the chocolate iced frosted donuts (I’m

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New Dining at Metro Diner

It always seems like the opening of a new restaurant is something we Maconites flock to, and the opening of the new Metro Diner was no exception.   They were generous enough to ask me to come in with my

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Look, it’s no surprise that since we’re a Georgia-based website we’re going to ask you to vote for Fried Green Tomatoes anything.   But this is a special appeal.   My high school friend Greg Pope and his wife already

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Grit Fritters + BBQ = A Winning Combination!

I’m really funny about my grit fritters.   They’ve got to be just the right amount of creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside.   It’s a seemingly simple dish that’s SO EASY to screw up.   Thankfully,

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The Sweetest Cream & Cookies & Sweet Chicks AND MORE!

This past weekend I got to visit the sweetest culmination of a dream ever- and I do mean this literally, as opposed to figuratively.         Sweet Chicks Bakeshop and Scoops opened up this weekend and it certainly

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Losing a Restaurant Legend

Today is the last day one of my favorites will be open.   Harpin’s has always been my go-to place when my mom and I catch lunch.   They’ve got my favorite cake. They’ve got my favorite Quiche. I love

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