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15,000 Words in 10 Days

Well guys, I’ve got quite the task ahead of me.   I’ve got to write 15,000 words in 10 days.   So that I can finish the first draft I’ve been working on for about two years now.   So

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Picking the Perfect Table & an Old House Discovery

I’m in the middle of renovating an older home- yay!   Well, sort of.   I bought the home in November and my father has been diligently working on the electrical items since.   Now we’re on the items that

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Finally Finding Some Peace!

I’m a busy person, which makes me sound like an asshole.   But it’s true! Even though I’ve dropped a lot of things that have been on my plate over the past few years: graduate school, freelancing fulltime, various leadership

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Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen: Part 1, The Food Interview

We here in Middle Georgia love our restaurants. One of my last posts was about all the places I miss. This- this is about one I know I’m going to love.   It’s not just that there’s a team of

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Supporting Women Owned Businesses on International Womens Day

Hello hello!   So, please forgive me for typing this out as a list… but I have an early morning tomorrow and must get to bed. But it’s been a discussion in a few threads today about can people shop

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The Allure of LuLaRoe

I was added to a LuLaRoe group pretty early on, before the craze really took hold.   I still didn’t order anything, but just kind of quietly watched the fury take hold.   It was only much later, once I

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Love to See I Dew in Macon

Weddings are a beautiful time! The bride in her dress, walking towards the groom- seeing the look on his face. Everything that goes into these events are magical…. and stressful. If you don’t know what you’re doing. But fear not!

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Magic Weight Loss

Bet that got your attention!   Ok…. so there’s not really a magic cure for weight loss.   But I did get a treatment recently where I had one visit and could see the results instantly. In that visit.  

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All Fit to be Dressed – New Year’s Eve 2016

New Year’s Eve is this weekend- did it slip your mind?   With the UGH of a year that 2016 has been I propose sending it out with a bang… and to do so requires the perfect outfit!   Luckily

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The Best Christmas In A Long Time

This feels like the best Christmas in a long time.   Advent is a season of waiting, and it seems that I’ve been waiting  a long time for many things.   I’ve started a new job, one that challenges me

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