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To My Daughter: In Anticipation of 8 Becoming 18

Lily Kate, you turned 8 today, although plenty of times you speaks like you’re 18. Even older.     It both scares me and sends me in awe. It makes me frustrated and proud.     You will fight me

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Oh, Christmas Tree!

I have very distinct memories of our Christmas Trees as a kid over time.   Firstly, that we were ALWAYS “the last family to get a tree”- one year that might have very well been true, when we waited until

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Botox Before the Holidays!

There’s no denying it- I’m getting older. It’s not a bad thing, after all with age comes some amount of grace and lessons learned.   However, with the wisdom of age also comes… wrinkles. I know I have them. It’s

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The Pops Meets The Beatles

I’m sure y’all are tired of me saying how much I love all of the Macon Pops events, but this Friday’s show is no different.   I’ll never forget the last time they put on a show of The Beatles

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A Week of Birthdays

The first one is on the 6th. A 29th year on Earth, and almost a full year around the sun in mine and my kids.   It was at this same time last year that each of us were fairly

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Spreading Some Southern Small Biz Love: Georgia Edition

My friend, and once SBV contributor, Rachel Wilson posted something interesting on her Facebook the other day: “According to a recent FEMA report, 40 percent of small business will never reopen following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Being closed for almost

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You Need Some Bacon Love: My Top 5 Reasons to Love Macon Bacon

There’s been a whole lotta hate for our new baseball team’s name. So we’re going to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire for this one and give you our top 5 reasons to love Macon Bacon.

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A New Music Tradition

I’ve been lucky to go to Macon Pops ever since their very first concert.   I remember rushing over right over after my volunteer shift during Spirits in October at Riverside Cemetery (another fun Macon event coming up, well, next

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12 Outfits from Rumor Boutique in 12 Years

I remember the very first thing I bought at Rumor Boutique, and I’m pretty sure it was the same week they opened- if not the first day!   I went with my sorority sister, Meg, to go shopping. We had

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You May Be the Only Jesus Someone Sees Today

I’ll be honest, I was only halfway paying attention during the week’s sermon. My head was filled with lists upon lists.   This Monday would be my kids first day at a new school. It was not a decision that

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