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Benefits of TEN Alkaline Water

Benefits of TEN Alkaline Water

So, ever since I first discovered alkaline water, I’ve been obsessed.


I can’t remember the first time I read about the benefits of having more alkaline in one’s diet, but the premise makes sense to me. A lot of the foods and items I drink can fall along the more acidic range of the pH scale. As a result, I tend to be prone to heartburn. And frankly- Tums don’t taste great.


Now, I know the idea of a total alkaline diet has its controversies and one can’t necessarily say a total alkaline diet is beneficial.



But what I can tell y’all is that I very much enjoyed the case of TEN Alkaline water that was recently sent to me, and that while I’m no scientist- I haven’t had any issues with heartburn while drinking it. I also felt like it was easier to stay hydrated, as some have said alkaline water is apt to do- and this particular brand has electrolytes added!


You can find TEN Alkaline Water on Amazon, and I for one know I’ll be ordering more.


For more information, follow this link:



Love to all y’all,





a case of TEN Water was gifted prior to the writing of this post in order to properly review the product

Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly McWilliams Wilkins is a Southern culture commentator, web producer, and social media marketing maven. She is also a freelance writer who has worked with a variety of publications and online magazines including Bourbon & Boots, Paste Magazine, Macon Magazine, the 11th Hour, Macon Food & Culture Magazine, and as the Digital Content Editor for The Southern Weekend. Mommy first, fashionista, social media maven, writer, artist, dreamer and poet. Hangs on to her Oxford Commas by force. Addicted to shoes and purses- and lots of coffee. Coffee coffee coffee.

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