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Botox Before the Holidays!

There’s no denying it- I’m getting older. It’s not a bad thing, after all with age comes some amount of grace and lessons learned.   However, with the wisdom of age also comes… wrinkles. I know I have them. It’s

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The Pops Meets The Beatles

I’m sure y’all are tired of me saying how much I love all of the Macon Pops events, but this Friday’s show is no different.   I’ll never forget the last time they put on a show of The Beatles

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Speed Limit: 35

Looking through my Facebook memories of my birthday, I found a status that lamented leaving my 20’s soon and heading into my 30’s.   One comment on that was from Carey Pickard who said “your 30’s are way better than

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Back to an Old Favorite: The Back Burner

The Back Burner has always been one of those places I love to go for a special night, or a fancy lunch, or luncheons and more.   But what I really love about it is the simple elegance that Chef

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A Week of Birthdays

The first one is on the 6th. A 29th year on Earth, and almost a full year around the sun in mine and my kids.   It was at this same time last year that each of us were fairly

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