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Are You a Cavalier?

High school football in the South always carries a certain kind of reverence.     But it’s different when your kid is involved.     Of course, mine aren’t old enough for high school sports. But we got a little

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You Need Some Bacon Love: My Top 5 Reasons to Love Macon Bacon

There’s been a whole lotta hate for our new baseball team’s name. So we’re going to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire for this one and give you our top 5 reasons to love Macon Bacon.

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Lest My Heart Forget a Beat

The music rang soft and loud, with lights streaming alternating behind them. Large sounds coming from two jointed voices singing in harmony against each other.   Shovels & Rope often provided the anthem for my life as I found myself

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Blighted Beauties- A Photography Walk

      I had the chance to go on the Blighted Beauties walking tour of downtown Macon, led by David Moore of NewTown Macon.         This free event was a cool way to see parts of

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The Firefly Whisperer

He stalks his prey quietly- having just burst forth from the back door, or the porch, or from wherever he came that time.   Clad in either his school uniform, or whatever he rolled out of bed in that morning,

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Grits, Wine, & Swine- A Forsyth Event Not to be Missed!

Every now and then something pops up in my social media feed and I go- Oh. My God. That sounds AMAZING! I need to know more!   Luckily, in this instance, Chef Jamie Waters was gracious enough to answer my

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More Buns, Hun! For Your Cheeseburgers

We love our burgers in the South, so why not celebrate National Cheeseburger Day? Especially when so many places are giving us such great options….   It’s #NationalCheeseburgerDay & you know we’re celebrating with a mouth-watering burger from @rookerymacon. 😋🍔

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A New Music Tradition

I’ve been lucky to go to Macon Pops ever since their very first concert.   I remember rushing over right over after my volunteer shift during Spirits in October at Riverside Cemetery (another fun Macon event coming up, well, next

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Bring the Eclipse Donuts Back!

So look- I know that the eclipse doughnuts at Krispy Kreme were this special one-time-only type of deal because of the eclipse…. but I really wish they would offer them more.   You see, the chocolate iced frosted donuts (I’m

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