The Sparkle of the South, Delivered


New Dining at Metro Diner

It always seems like the opening of a new restaurant is something we Maconites flock to, and the opening of the new Metro Diner was no exception.   They were generous enough to ask me to come in with my

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12 Outfits from Rumor Boutique in 12 Years

I remember the very first thing I bought at Rumor Boutique, and I’m pretty sure it was the same week they opened- if not the first day!   I went with my sorority sister, Meg, to go shopping. We had

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You May Be the Only Jesus Someone Sees Today

I’ll be honest, I was only halfway paying attention during the week’s sermon. My head was filled with lists upon lists.   This Monday would be my kids first day at a new school. It was not a decision that

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Benefits of TEN Alkaline Water

So, ever since I first discovered alkaline water, I’ve been obsessed.   I can’t remember the first time I read about the benefits of having more alkaline in one’s diet, but the premise makes sense to me. A lot of

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