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Meet The Olsons: Bragg Jam 2017

    A little over two years ago, I would walk the hallways of Mount de Sales Academy and repulsively trek past the science department, because chemistry is certainly not my forte. Because of my distaste for chemistry, I rarely

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Meet *repeat repeat: Bragg Jam 2017

Picture this: a college student with cracked earphones desolate from exchanging goodbyes in a crowded airport. When I ran out of every sentimental song my Spotify playlists had to offer, I needed new fuel to recoup. At the same time, Molly was emailing

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Look, it’s no surprise that since we’re a Georgia-based website we’re going to ask you to vote for Fried Green Tomatoes anything.   But this is a special appeal.   My high school friend Greg Pope and his wife already

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Day Two of the Macon Film Festival

The thing about the Macon Film Festival is I’m always super bummed that I didn’t just take the days off from work so I can go to each film I want to see at my leisure and not have to

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Summer Style with Free People & Dillard’s

It’s the middle of July, which means we will be feeling the summer heat for at least (counts on hand) four or five more months here in the South!   You might as well look cute in the heat. Whether

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Online Thrifting: ThredUP

I’ll admit it. I fell prey to a Facebook ad for an online thrifting page.   They were having a $0.99 special on kids clothes! So I figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out.   I was actually quite

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A Giant Comes to Bragg Jam

Leading up to Savannah Stopover I wrote a little piece for hissing lawns about the bands I wanted to go and see for my first Stopover.   After that piece, a local band called Lulu the Giant commented saying I

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Red, White, and Cute: Our Favorite 4th of July Looks

Looking for a last-minute outfit that’ll make jaws stuffed with barbecue drop? Below are seven trendy looks perfect for all your firework-filled festivities! Gather inspiration or click the images to shop for styles that are Instagram-ready, without making you look

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