The Sparkle of the South, Delivered


15,000 Words in 10 Days

Well guys, I’ve got quite the task ahead of me.   I’ve got to write 15,000 words in 10 days.   So that I can finish the first draft I’ve been working on for about two years now.   So

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Dedicated to the Ones I Love

One of my favorite songs is the Mama’s and the Papa’s “Dedicated to the One I Love”:   “Each night before you go to bed my baby Whisper a little prayer for me my baby And tell all the stars

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The Sweetest Cream & Cookies & Sweet Chicks AND MORE!

This past weekend I got to visit the sweetest culmination of a dream ever- and I do mean this literally, as opposed to figuratively.         Sweet Chicks Bakeshop and Scoops opened up this weekend and it certainly

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Picking the Perfect Table & an Old House Discovery

I’m in the middle of renovating an older home- yay!   Well, sort of.   I bought the home in November and my father has been diligently working on the electrical items since.   Now we’re on the items that

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Girl Meets City: Augusta

  I had been trying to get to Augusta it felt like forever when I was accepted into the Georgia Forward Young Gamechanger’s program.   My friend Lisa Bryant first saw the Girl Meets City posts rather early on and

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