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Losing a Restaurant Legend

Today is the last day one of my favorites will be open.   Harpin’s has always been my go-to place when my mom and I catch lunch.   They’ve got my favorite cake. They’ve got my favorite Quiche. I love

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What To Do About Confederate Monuments? Don’t Move Them, Improve Them

UPDATE:   After the events in Charlottesville, I’m uneasy about this post.   There’s now discussion that the monuments in Macon might come down, and honestly… I don’t feel like I could argue too much against it. Yes, I stand

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A Whole Week of Fun in Birmingham!

We are big fans of Birmingham, Alabama over here! It’s an amazing city with tons to do, eat, and see. But over this next week in April they’ve got a ton going on. Everything from the Magnolia Festival to a

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Double Decker Bus Festival Fun in the South

It all started with a double-decker bus, imported in 1994 from England.   Fast forward to April 28th and 29th to the 22nd annual Double Decker Festival in Oxford- but not England. Oxford, Mississippi.     Don’t forget the 2017

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Missing Alleluia

Alleluia.   From Wikipedia: “The Hebrew word Halleluya as an expression of praise to God was preserved, untranslated, by the Early Christians as a superlative expression of thanksgiving, joy, and triumph. Thus it appears in the ancient Greek Liturgy of St. James, which is still used to

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Girl Meets City: New Orleans

When planning a last-minute, inexpensive, get away- do you immediately think of New Orleans? Maybe not, but that’s exactly what we found. A plane ticket for well under $200, an Airbnb spot for around $30/night, and lots of places to

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Southern DIY: Container Gardening 101

I remember being a small child and growing banana peppers and tomatoes.   I was not a fan of them. Growing them was ok, but I really had zero interest in eating them.   Not helping was my grandfather poking

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Finally Finding Some Peace!

I’m a busy person, which makes me sound like an asshole.   But it’s true! Even though I’ve dropped a lot of things that have been on my plate over the past few years: graduate school, freelancing fulltime, various leadership

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