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Macon, Georgia Favorite Wins Best Beverage at Flavor of Georgia

Events like the 2017 Flavor of Georgia competition help entrepreneurs spread the word about their products. Participants have even been

Restaurants I (Macon) Miss(es)

I talk a lot about places that I’m going to and places that are open- but once a place closes,

The Best Crab Cakes (And More) In Macon

I don’t live in what’s known as a seafood town, it’s just what happens when you don’t live on the

Macon Pops

The South

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The Beginning of Waiting

Church at the beginning of the week makes me feel like I’m setting the right pace for my week.  

The Weekend I Survived On Nothing But Birthday Party Pizza

As a parent, there are some weekends that are filled with days at home, sweetly teaching children lessons of reading

Huddle Up, Ye Christian Soldiers- Let’s Go To War

I’m really struggling, y’all.   I don’t talk a whole lot about my faith, mostly because I’m always afraid of

Say Hello to The Oh Hellos

Want to know something I love about my music industry friends here in our own Macon, Georgia?   They know

SlingShot 2016: A Field Guide

      This past weekend’s Slingshot Festival was something of a choose your own adventure scenario. While many a

Music Monday: Louise Warren & Lavender Sound

Louise Warren is, quite simply, a lovely person.   She’s also a lovely musician.   And she’s working on a