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Girl Meets City

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Girl Meets City: Little Rock

What happens when you’re friend (possibly someone

Girl Meets City: Asheville

Almost exactly a year ago, a few

Girl Meets Outdoors: The Ocmulgee River

Sometimes people come into our lives for

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Food & Spirits

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The Official Southern Bon Vivant Deviled Eggs

So, y’all heard me talk about making the BEST deviled eggs in the above video. But I haven’t told y’all

Thirsty Thursday With Muscadines…. Not Wine

Muscadine is such a funny word. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that before experimenting with this particular cocktail, I

Yummy Flavors of the South – Tasty Tuesday

There’s all kind of delicious items to be had from all over the South- check out what we’ve found!  

Macon Pops

The South

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How Southerners Prepare for Hurricane Evacuation: By Opening Doors

Let’s be honest, yes we run and grab milk and bread when it looks like we’re going to be snowed

5 Must-Dos for Visiting Georgia Bulldog Fans in Athens

This season, all Georgia Bulldog fans who are heading to Athens, Ga. should move beyond the hedges of Sanford Stadium

The Weekend a Music Lover Was Born, A Food Alliance Was Born, And Even More

I often have crazy busy weekends, which is probably why this summer I toned it down. A lot.   My

Say Hello to The Oh Hellos

Want to know something I love about my music industry friends here in our own Macon, Georgia?   They know

SlingShot 2016: A Field Guide

      This past weekend’s Slingshot Festival was something of a choose your own adventure scenario. While many a

Music Monday: Louise Warren & Lavender Sound

Louise Warren is, quite simply, a lovely person.   She’s also a lovely musician.   And she’s working on a